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Holy hell woman! You can sim, you look gorgeous and you can sing…what a voice!

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love your voice and you’re super gorgeous! <333

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You voice is magnificent, also your style and hair rock. I just thought you should have some unsolicited thoughts/compliments

Thank you so, so, so, SO much guys!!!! It means the world to me that you all took the time our of your day to watch the video! Not to mention that you then took the time to make my day with your lovely comments! I had such a shitty day at work and coming home to read all your replies made it all worth it and I LOVE YOU!!!!! iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou xxxxxx

Dear Diary,

Jaden’s hit a road block in his research. After losing all that data … he’s really been set back a ways. He’s very frustrated. He’s been venting his anger by going into mass production mode; he’s made about fifty harvesters so far! They sell for a pretty penny, which is lovely, but I’m more concerned for his sanity.

He won’t even tell me what it is that he’s trying to invent. I know it has something to do with his Great Great Great Grandmother Curie, or at least her work; her inventions. Come to think of it, I didn’t even know she was an inventor. I knew she was a scientist, but I never heard of her inventing anything. What does Jaden know that we don’t?

Artio and I have our theories of course, each more preposterous than the last. Artio’s last theory involved space travel, the music of the nineteen-eighties and a horse. Don’t even ask.


So some of you may remember that a few weeks ago I was talking about a performance of mine that was coming up; well, this Sunday I performed in the Stage Door Singing Competition Grand Final and since a few of you expressed interest in hearing me sing I thought I would upload the live recording of my performance! I didn’t win, otherwise I probably would have opened with that! But oh well, I looked fabulous anyway *flicks hair*.

After the party was over and the guests had all left, Alexandria (Lenore’s wife and the hostess of the evening) requested a private word with Artio.

Though she had not heard Lenore’s reading (as she had been in the kitchen preparing dinner at the time), Alexandria wanted to express some concerns she had about Lenore’s soul.

Though neither of the Books posses psychic abilities they are both practicing Witches. Through aura reading, tarot and ritual, Alexandria had come to a similar conclusion; there was darkness in her wife’s heart.

Artio was incredibly moved by the way Alexandria spoke about her wife. She was so concerned, not for her own safety but for Lenore’s happiness.  Artio could sense the immensely powerful love between them both.

She assured Alexandria that all Lenore needed was love to stay pure. “Show her love and light will surely win.”

Alexandria seemed convinced, and Artio felt wonderful. All her concerns about Lenore had disappeared now that she had felt that love! Love always wins out, as I always say! What a wonderful night.


Before Artio starts a reading she likes to “breathe in” the person she is reading for. It fills her with the person’s energy and Artio says a strong connection with the energy of your subject is imperative to a successful reading.

One of the first guests to request Artio’s services was Lenore. Artio breathed her in and thrilled the other guests with a description of what she felt. She said that Lenore tasted like honey, smelled like mustard-seed and that the sound of her soul rang in her ears like the bells of a small provincial church. Clients love it when Artio is overly specific!

Lenore was thrilled with this initial impression, but then the real reading began, revealing something far more sinister inside. Artio said she sensed darkness deep within Lenore’s heart; a foul smelling swamp biding it’s time, waiting for the right moment to begin spreading the muck and filth throughout Lenore’s soul. 

Artio told Lenore, “Mind yourself, child. You are at a crossroads. Darkness and Light are at war over the right to your soul and only one may win out.”

Lenore was, unsurprisingly, quite alarmed. “But…I’m good,” she assured Artio, “I choose the light, and is it not our decisions that matter most, rather than our pre-despositions?”

"Yes, Child," Artio responded, "but I can see your future. You have no idea the kinds of decisions you are capable of making. You have no concept of your own ruthlessness. You must be careful."

(…to be continued…)

Dear Diary,

The Books (Alexandria and Lenore) threw a “Psychic Party”! I’d never heard of such an event, until Artio explained it to me. Apparently, it’s essentially a gathering of people who either share an enthusiasm or a curiosity for the mystical arts. These people will hire a psychic for the evening, who will perform readings on every individual at the party, while the others all watch.

Of course, they wanted Artio! Besides from being the best damn psychic in Lucky Palms, I’ve noticed that now Artio is more or less an “old woman”, her credibility as a psychic has skyrocketed. I guess it’s a stereotype. People trust stereotypes; they’re familiar and safe. It’s a fantastic selling device, too.

(…to be continued…)

new sim! what do you think?

proposal in the park! cuties.

Dear Diary,

Jai’s been receiving more and more commissions for public murals and the public is starting to take note. Bethany Knight’s husband Dale has taken a particular interest in Jai’s art. He’s quite well connected in Lucky Palms, so we’re hoping that some more work comes out of it for Jai. 

Jai is very appreciative, but he has a funny way of showing it. He’s too avant-garde to take compliments very well. More often than not, he disagrees with any praise that he is given, saying that his work can always be better. 

A good quality for an artist to posses, I suppose. However, as a business-person I think Jai’s definitely going to have to learn to smile and say thank you every once in a while.


What if you stopped thinking about your body using visual adjectives like fat, skinny, pretty or ugly? What if you thought of your body as an extension or a physical manifestation of your strength? Strength doesn’t discriminate against size or shape and neither should you, especially not when the only person suffering from your discrimination is yourself. You deserve better.