Parqusong Square

Here ‘tis! And everything works! I test ran it all myself. Don’t panic if the Proprietor and the Mixologists take a while to get there. It took a few hours (Sim hours not real-life hours!) for them to arrive in my game, but arrive they did. 

The lot includes a pink and pretty retro cake shoppe, a spanish countryside inspired karaoke bar, that random white and orange retro cafe that came with Showtime (with a dance floor out the back), a children’s playground, a fish pond, some beautiful gardens and a live show venue. Wow.

The lot is zoned as a Big Park so the only drink available at the bars are the Spine Reticulater. But if you buy a round of drinks you get a random selection of mood drinks so that’s a bit cool.

The stage works! I sent my sim there and she performed a groovy Acrobat concert.

If anything doesn’t work for you, please let me know.

And yes, I broke my rule and used filters on the preview images.


Why? Because FUCK YOU that’s why!

(I’m only kidding, I actually love you dearly.)


Anywaaaayyyy….let me know if any of you want any more pictures. It’s so huge and there’s so much to see…I tell you, it was a struggle picking only 10 pictures!!!

Do you want it? Do ya? Do ya? Do ya?

Well the download link is just underneath me. Yup, just there. It’s a saucy minx, this one. 

Click me, baby. Click me real good.

That link (now it’s just above me) takes you straight to the file at MediaFire. Yes, that’s right, I use MediaFire now. Aren’t I just modern and such. Gosh.

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I also get absolutely no love over there so if you wanted to hit me up for a friend request that would also be perhaps quite maybe cool indeed sir. 

I like the whole “SimPort” idea and I’m keen to utilise it more! :)

Anyway, that’s enough from me!


<3 Blackweb6


P.S. As always, no CC, just store content. If you don’t have the store content then your game will automatically replace it with an item that you do have, then you can go in and edit yourself to make it pretty. No dramas! :)

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